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Why care about hair?

Our hair and skin are indicators of our health and vitality. If you would like to make strong first impression you have to care about hair and skin.

Our hair is not only for defence against sun and cold it is one of the most important fashion accessories we have. The main trend of last years is to keep your “hairdo” closer to a natural look. This trend requires healthy and well-groomed hair. The sexiest celebrities nowadays have natural looking luxury locks or haircuts that use natural volume of hair. Of course we understand that sometimes these looks are fake and that the celebrity doesn’t have thick hair like that and their hair is a result of hairstylist’s work.

Nobody wants to spend a lot of neither money nor time on hairstyling. Let’s care about hair the cheapest and the most effective way that mother-nature provides us with.
You can be Green and have healthy and sexy a look using vegetable dyes and care products on a natural base.

  • No more false locks.
  • No more toxic colors and shampoo.
  • Be honest with nature and yourself.

P. S. Please be advised all natural products can cause allergies because they may contain pollen, essential oils and other natural allergens. Please do a contact allergy test before using products.

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