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Where is a difference between Natural and Organic?

Natural vs Organic

Natural vs Organic

Sometimes it is difficult to say how big the difference is between natural and organic ingredients, and how important it is to have 100% organic product for external usage.

Natural hair products are products made from ingredients only found in nature. Such materials are fruits, sugars, vitamins and minerals. But natural doesn’t mean that these materials were grown or gathered organically. It only tells that the particular ingredients were found naturally.

For example, the fruits and vegetables used in natural hair products may be natural, but they might be grown using fertilizers and other synthetic products to help them grow quicker and in larger amounts. Other things such as pesticides or antibiotics may be used to grow the fruits or vegetables. During the production, there may be chemicals added to affect how quickly the product is made. It may also be that all materials but water are organic, and in such cases the water may lower the organic percent from 95 and above to 70%. The government doesn’t regulate the use of the word natural on products labels.

There are some benefits in growing and using organic ingredients but it is also more expensive and there is a chance that the plants may be harmed by things such as pests, or unusual weathers such as droughts or on the contrary too much rainfall. Also, if cold weather starts early, the fruits will not have enough time to fully develop.  Due to this, it’s likely that organic hair products may cost more than natural products.

Organic hair products are products that use materials without any or very few synthetic materials added. That counts as both during the making of the product and when the materials are grown. Usually, the majority of companies that use fully organic materials are large companies that can afford to make them. Sometimes companies may say their products are 100% organic and but that might not be true. To prove that they’re fully organic, a large amount of companies, use third party organizations that certify organic products. Products that are certified organic are 95% organic or higher. Those that are between 70 and 94% can say “made with organic ingredients”.

Overall, there is a difference between organic and natural hair care products, but during the drying and thermal treatment, most of the pesticides and other harmful substances are destroyed from the plants and herbs.

Since cosmetics and hair care products are for external application, it is safe to use after processing if the producer is honest that it is a 100% natural product. Sometimes, small companies can’t pay for an organic certificate, but they can use organic and natural ingredients and in most cases they state that on the label. You can judge how organic the product is by its ingredients written on the package.

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