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Not tested on animals

Not tested on animals

Not tested on animals

We proud to say that our products was not tested on animals. Cosmetics have been tested on animals for years and some companies still test their cosmetics that way. While many people may say that it is to ensure the safety of humans, it has been proven that there are other ways to test the products.

Such ways can be growing the organs or parts of skin in labs and then testing the products on the grown human parts. Another way is to have volunteers, or paid test subjects that are human which will have the cosmetics tested on.

In both of the cases the people know what the risks are and in both cases, the people that either donate their skin cells, or become test subjects both have a say if they want to do that or not. For the companies though, it can cost much more money to test the products, and in both cases it will take more time.

For example: Getting a dog or a mouse, (because the two animals are usually the kinds that will have cosmetics tested on) should take about two to three days if the animal is transported by car. If it is carried by an airplane, it may be more expensive, but should take no more than 24 hours. Growing a part of the human body, or skin takes about two to three weeks, and costs much more money than the animals. Getting an actual person to do the testing on doesn’t take too long, but will cost eighty to a hundred dollars with every test.

Many companies also use animal testing because currently, there is no law against testing cosmetics on animals. But even though there is currently no law, many animals get injured, or get sick every year due to unsafely made cosmetics.

Many people have attempted to stop animal testing in the past year. For example, one of the polls made in America showed that two thirds of the voters have agreed that animal testing should be against the law. Another poll showed that 58 percent of the voters disapprove and think it should be against the law, while another 23 percent are against animal testing, but don’t think it should be against the law in all cases. With such high a high percent of people that are against animal testing, it is possible that there not even be a need for a ban of all animal-testing, because many people have said that they won’t buy cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

If you buy traditional and natural products that humans use for hundred years you can be sure that this product was not tested on animals because this products doesn’t need this testing. Be safe and care about others. Thank you.

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