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Onion peels for hair care

Onion peels for hair care

Onion peels strengthens your hair, and reduces dandruff.

To color your hair using natural products, you may use onion peels. Using onion peels is much cheaper than most hair products today, and is natural, which means, like most chemical hair products do, it doesn’t destroy your hair.

IIn fact, onion peels strengthens your hair, and reduces dandruff.

It will also give more brightness, and stronger color to your hair.

If you want to brighten your hair, it can be used with any hair color, but it grants best results with lighter hair colour.

But, you may also color your hair with onion peels. There are two different ways you can use onion peels.

The first one is, if you want to cover grey hair or color your hair into a chestnut, maroon color. For this, you have to have a stronger decoction.

To get the decoction, you have to first add half a glass of onion peels into a full glass of boiling water. Let it stay there for twenty minutes. Make sure you have something to cover the lid so that the heat doesn’t get out. After, separate the liquid from the peels, using gauze. Then, add 2 table spoons of glycerol to the liquid. To use this decoction, you have to rub it into your hair every day, until you reach the wanted result. After you rub it into your hair, you can wash your hair as you normally would, and then let dry naturally.

For grey hair you need to use a sponger, or a cotton swab to apply to the needed areas once a day until you reach the wanted color.

The second way is, if you have a blond hair color, you can add a golden shade to your hair. To get the right mixture for this way, you have to add thirty to fifty grams of onion peels boiled in one glass of water. Let it stay for twenty minutes, then filter the liquid from the peels using gauze. Apply the liquid every day until you get the wanted result, and make sure you wait some time before washing off the decoction.

Enjoy your healthy and bright hair.

5 thoughts on “Onion peels for hair care

    1. Good afternoon Emmy
      Thank you for your questions and I am sorry for the late reply.
      If you are going to use water-based mix of onion peels and black tea (without glycerol or eggs), you will need to wash your hair before using mixture and keep mixture for 20-40 min and wash after with water or light tea.
      If you are going to use eggs or glycerol to make a stronger decoction you need to wash your hair after treatment with shampoo otherwise your hair will look dirty.
      Thank you

    2. Hello Emmy. I never try to mix onion peels decoction and black tea. But I am sure you need to wait some tile and wash it.
      Thank you

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your question. If you add glycerol to onion peels decoction you have to wash it, otherwise your hair will look dirty.
      In the case when you don’t add glycerol, you probably don’t need to wash your hair after using onion peels solution but it can stain your towels when you dry your hair 😉
      Have a nice day

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