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Is it possible to bleach hair previously dyed with henna?

bleaching solutions

Bleaching Solutions

When spring finally comes to Calgary I decided to make some highlights on my hair. I love hair color after it is dyed with henna but I would like to have a little bit more brightness. I thought that two or three bright orange locks can give me fun.

The main question was is it possible to bleach hair previously dyed with henna and will it turn green?

I have done two tests with different bleaching solutions on my dark red henna hair. You can read about process and result below.

Before start experimenting with bleaching solutions I usually wash my hair with natural or organic shampoo and don’t use any hair styling products for two days.

Please keep in mind that I use 100% pure henna or 100% mix of henna and plants. In case if you use henna products with chemicals don’t try to experimenting with your hair because you can obtain unexpected color or lose your hair completely.

Hydrogen Peroxide (3%). I applied it for 30 min to a small part of my hair and kept it in the sun. Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) didn’t change my hair color but it damaged a structure of hair. If you use henna on permanent base Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) will not bleach your hair but it will damage it.

Don’t use Hydrogen Peroxide stronger than 3% otherwise you can get a chemical burn and it may melt your hair.

Belle Color — 90 light blonde (Garnier).  In the description of this product I found information that will make my dark red (almost brown) hair blonde. I followed the instructions and applied crème for 25 min to some locks of my hair. After that I applied conditioner from the same package. I can say that I didn’t have any visible result or damage. After a careful check of my hair I realized that my grey became very bright yellow blond color but the hair that had henna on it obtained a natural dirty blond color at the roots but the rest of hair didn’t change color at all.

The result of bleaching hair after henna

The result of bleaching hair after henna

Conclusion. If you use 100% PURE henna or 100% mix of henna and plants you will not have any visible color change. Also your hair won’t be green as some hairdressers forecast!

Please don’t do any experimenting if you use henna mix with synthetic dyes or if you don’t know what was in package that you used before bleaching your hair.

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