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How to dye hair with henna?

Dye hair with henna

The result of henna dyeing.

There are not too many different ways to dye with henna. For this process you will need 2-3 hours to stay at home. You will need towels, foil or plastic bag to keep hair warm and gloves because henna will color your fingers. You would think it isn’t very easy to dye hair with henna.

You will be awarded with a bright, healthy hair and the idea that dyeing with henna is an absolutely Green process.
First of all you need to choose the tone you would like to get
as a final result.

There are special charts which will show what shade you will get. Of course it depends on your initial shade and the type of henna you choose. Also there are some factors which influence on the final tone of your hair. First of all time of application and temperature of mix will determine that shade.

Also the individual characteristics of your hair will count for instance thin and soft hair will dye more readily compared to thick and coarse hair.

To begin with dying you need to wash your hair first just to remove all natural fat which can interfere the contact between hair and dye. Then you need to dry your hair with a towel use of hair dryer is not a good idea in that case because hot air will compact superficial layer of hair and dye will not be able to get inside.

Do not forget to put gloves on
otherwise you will get a tattoo on your hands.

Of course it is temporary and some can say that it is trendy but I do not think you will be able to draw something very beautiful on your skin when you are dying your hair. I would also put a cream on my forehead and temporal areas because there is risk to get an unusual tan on these areas.

Ok, mix henna powder with hot water , do not use boiling water though because boiling water will weaken dying capabilities of henna. Just add water  to the powder otherwise you will get some air bubbles.  Mix it quite hard so that you will get a sour cream consistency, let it cool to 40°-45° C — put it aside for3-4 minutes. To keep the mix warm when you are applying it just put your mix cup in a cup with hot water in it. It is ready now.

You can use a wood spatula or your hands (in gloves!) to apply on your hair cover with paper and plastic and finally cover with a towel. It keeps the mix warm for all the time and prevents its drying. So leave it for 60-90 minutes after that take all these wraps off and wash your hair under warm water for 4-5 minutes without shampoo and assess  the results. Very rarely you may need to correct the result by applying the mix on the spot which is of different shade for any reason, keep it for 5-10 minutes, rinse off and enjoy!

P.S. I usually use soft shampoo to rinse henna when I completely finish dyeing.

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