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Henna powder

Henna powder

Henna is powder that people get from leaves of a two meter bush which grows in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Top henna leafs are usually used to make powder for temporary tattoos and lower leafs ones that contain less stain are dried and powdered to get henna for hair care.  The powder is dark green or a green yellowish shade with a specific smell.

Classic henna gives hair a deep copper tone and makes hair thicker, brighter and healthier. At the same time it treats the hair and the sculp. Henna powder has antiseptic properties and is widely used in Middle East as a skin antiseptic.

Henna is hypoallergenic so it can be used by people otherwise allergic to chemical dyes.

Also it is safe for pregnant and nursing women. It seems to be the only choice for that because chemical dyes are not so safe for the baby.

Henna does not destroy pigment in hair. It just covers the surface and makes a protective shield around each hair strand. Today people can even choose the color ranging from blonde to black. We have to admit that you cannot change the color dramatically using henna powder i.e. from black to blonde but you can correct that shade in 1-3 tones and do it knowing that you treated your hair well. Results are well known for hundreds of years of using henna by women of the most ancient civilizations.

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