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How to color hair with henna and natural oil

Henna and natural oil

Step 1. Henna and natural oil.

I have my own way to color hair with henna and natural oil. I think henna gives more color when you use it with oil and if you choose the right type of oil for your hair you will have additional benefits for scalp and hair treatment.

What do you need for start color hair with henna and natural oil?

You can read my article about natural oils and hair treatment.

  1. Henna powder (I don’t like to use pressed henna because it requires additional steps and 20-30 min to make it soft and cool it off)
  2. Any natural oil like castor oil, olive oil or burdock oil  (please be sure that you don’t use essential oil)
  3. Gloves (henna will cover your hand and nails if you don’t wear gloves)
  4. Shower cup and a big towel

I usually wash my hair in the evening before I plan to dye with henna.  You will need to stay at home with a shower cup and a towel on your hair for 1.5-2 hours. So it is better to color hair with henna in the evening 🙂 You can read a book, watch TV, play video games, knitting or make origami.

How to make the mixture?

You will need around 30 g henna for short hair and
60 g for semi long and long hair

Henna and water mixture

Step 2. Henna and water mixture.

Put your henna powder into a big cup and add very warm water. Add water in small amounts at a time until it has a consistency of oatmeal (see picture). Add one or two table spoons of oil then mix it together.

You don’t have to wash or moisten your hair.

Make sure you cover your clothing with something otherwise henna will easily color it and it is almost impossible to get rid of henna stains.


Please check that the temperature of henna mixture is comfortable for you by applying a small amount of mixture to the back of your wrist.

Henna and oil

Step 3. Henna and oil.

If you are afraid to color your hand and nails you have to wear gloves.

Now you can start applying oil and henna mixture to your hair. I usually start with my forehead. You have to part your hair and put henna on it. You have to leave small spaces between partings to achieve good results. It takes around 15 minutes to do my long hair.

When you finish applying henna you need to wear a shower cup and a towel. Henna works better in a warm environment. Leave the towel over henna for 1-2 hours (I prefer to keep it for 1.5-2 to obtain a richer color).


Ready to use mix of henna and oil

How to remove henna?

You have to remove the towel and the shower cup and wash your hair with water in different directions. You need to move your hair from roots to tips.  When you removed most of henna you have to use shampoo to remove the rest of henna and oil (I usually shampoo my hair twice because it is difficult to remove henna and oil from long hair).

You will see your healthy and bright hair next morning 🙂

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