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Natural oils for hair treatment

Natural oils for hair treatment

Natural oils for hair treatment

Natural oils have been used for hair treatment for a longtime. We have huge choice of natural oils for hair treatment an they can be part of-shelf-products. Frankly speaking oils are just an option for that treatment. They are able to nourish hair within all their length and volume, your hair look   healthy and bright, these oils being used properly can fight bacterial and fungous infections of hair and skin of the skull.

We can divide oils used in that kind of care in two categories: base oils and essential oils.

Just make sure oils you are using have been derived from natural sources such as seeds, grains, and fruits.

Mineral oils which are products of oil processing clog pores of the skin and interfere with normal skin functions like breathing self-cleaning and so on.

Base oils

Base oils used as carriers for active components for essential oils dissolved in. At the same time they have their properties which are beneficial for hair as well.

Jojoba oil is very helpful for dry hair as well as for greasy hair because it is capable of removing of dried sebum excess from hair bulb and of regulation of its function.

Olive oil is very efficient in treatment of hair damaged by chemical dyeing, perm. It also stops loss of hair if used regularly. Experts recommend to use an extra-virgin olive oil for that care because it contains the maximum of nutrients.

Coconut oil contains vitamin E and K and a micro element Iron. It can restore the hair growth and gives them healthy and shiny look.

Castor oil helps fighting fungous infection and also moistens hair very well.

Avocado oil is very rich source of vitamins A, E, and D and contains Potassium.

Burdock oil stops loss of hair, nourishes hair and the skin of the skull.

Essential oils

Essential oils are not been used alone in hair care, people usually dissolve them in a base oil, so that you can combine desired properties of an essential oil with benefits of using of a particular base oil.

Lavender oil soothes the skin it can be used in treatment of dandruff. It stimulates the growth of hair and moistens dry hair.

Chamomile oil is very efficient in the treatment of hair damaged by perm or heat, you can also use on weakened thick hair.

Tea tree oil or Melaleuca oil is very strong antibacterial and anti fungal agent so it can be used in the treatment of infections and against dandruff as well.

Lemon oil enhances the function of sebaceous glands and helps in case of dandruff.

Myrrh oil is efficient in the treatment of very dry hair. Just add it to any base oil and make a mask for your hair once a week and in a month you will notice a difference how your hair kook like.

Use appropriate oil to care your hair and enjoy the result 🙂

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