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How take care of hair in the winter

How take care of hair in the winterUnfortunately we have really cold days in Calgary and question about how take care of hair in the winter becomes very important. Winter is known to be harsh on your body. That goes for your hair as well. You need to pay extra attention to your hair in the winter to keep it good and healthy looking. Here are some ways you can achieve that.

Mother’s Always Right. Put a hat on your head 🙂

In the winter your hair is exposed to the cold and the rapid change in temperature when going from outside to inside and other way around.

It is very important to wear some sort of a headdress.

A hat or a toque or even a scarf would work. Make sure the hat isn’t too tight otherwise that can lead to dandruff or other dermatological problems.

Also cold causes your blood vessels to shrink which means hair roots will not get enough food. This can make your hair more fragile and weaken the hair roots. Massage will increase blood flow in your scalp.

Avoid getting a perm or dying your hair as that will add to the stress hair experiences in the winter from the temperature changes. It is best to leave those until spring arrives.

Things like blow drying and hot showers can damage your hair as well.

If you can try to minimize blow drying your hair in the winter, but if that isn’t an option try to use a “cold air” mode. Hot showers should also be kept to a minimum instead shower in colder water. Also straighteners or any other heat applied to your hair will make them fragile and easily breakable.

Moisturizing masks would really be helpful to your hair.

Winter weather can change your hair type so pay close attention.

Some of the hair products like shampoos and moisturizers you would normally use may become useless as or less effective as your hair type changes. Usually the hair becomes drier in the winter especially the tips so make sure you use appropriate shampoo for that hair type. Generally you would want your shampoo made of natural ingredients and neutral on the Ph scale.

One of the most common problems in the winter is static hair.

Hair becomes static because of lack of moisture in the cold, winter air. Here are some prevention tips. Use a moisturizing mask regularly.

Also don’t over dry your hair, leave it a bit damp. Use hair brushes made of natural material such as wood and ebonite.

Running dryer sheets over hair collects static momentarily.

Quick changes in temperature will cause dandruff and other dermatological problems.

When your scalp dries it offsets the balance and outside layers of scalp die off faster and fall off in addition lowered immune system creates perfect habitat for fungi and bacteria. To get rid of dandruff choose the mildest shampoo that is specifically meant for dry, damaged hair.

Natural oils can help your scalp a lot. Tea tree oil is great as it is known for its antibacterial properties.

Also regular masks with olive, castor, burdock, coconut, almond, jojoba oils are great. If your condition doesn’t improve it is best to see a professional.

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