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Daily care of hair

Healthy life style is critical for hair quality

Healthy life style is critical for hair quality

Hair is a very important part of your appearance. If you are taking care of hair daily you obtain additional benefits. Hair reflects overall health of the body. Unlike the living part of your body it does not change drastically with a change in your diet, but is more affected by external actions. You can go to a hair salon and fix the damage caused by lack of care or avoid the damage in the first place and save some money. Here are some tips to keep your hair looking great without having to get treatments.

No towels and fan

Drying your with a towel is one of the biggest causes of hair damage. When hair is wet it is much more vulnerable. When the towel is rubbed against your hair some of it becomes tangled with the threads of a towel. This can stretch hair to the breaking point and cause can fuzziness and split ends. To avoid this shake out the access water and then stroke the hair with a towel the direction it grows. Blow drying is another common mistake. Too much of it can lead to dry hair and scalp.

Less hot water

Who doesn’t like a hot shower? Well your hair doesn’t for sure because hot water strips away too much of essential oils and leaves your hair and scalp dry. Doesn’t mean stop taking shower! Just make them less hot.

Trust professionals

Dying and perming your hair can damage, dry and dull it. Instead of using at-home chemical products, you should go to a hairstylist. They will know what kinds of products are good for your hair type. A trained professional will most likely make the hairstyle look much more natural than the one made at home.

Healthy life-style

The condition of your hair is often affected but the health of your body. Exercising, eating well, drinking enough of water, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress in your life will result in healthier scalp and better looking hair. It will also increase the rate of your hair growth. Obviously those are not the only benefits to a healthy lifestyle.

Give hair a freedom

Avoid tight hats and pony tails because they can cause a condition called “traction alopecia”. Hair will get pulled out of the scalp and if worn long enough the condition can become permanent. Tight hats and pony tails can also damage cuticle (outer shingle like layer of the hair) and lead to breakage.


Use moisturizer to give your hair enough proteins and moisture to avoid frizz. Also don’t brush your hair when it’s wet as that is when it’s the most vulnerable. Don’t pull hard at tangles and use wide-toothed comb when combing it. Having haircuts every six weeks will eliminate most of the damage and help avoid split ends. After a couple of regular haircuts you will notice your hair being much healthier.

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