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Cover grey hair with henna

Cover grey hair with henna. I have 30% grey hair. I use henna to cover grey and you can see result on this picture.

Cover grey hair with henna. I have 30% grey hair. I use henna to cover grey and you can see result on this picture.

I have a lot of questions about how to cover grey hair with henna. A lot of people damage hair when they try to cover grey with chemical dye. In this situation henna really can help because actually when we try to cover grey we try to make our hair darker and  steady and you can use henna how often you need because it is absolutely safe.

There are three issues about henna:

1. You don’t have a lot of choice of colors.

2. It require patience.

3. You can`t do regular (chemical) hair dyes, highlight and permanent waving (all these procedures are really aggressive and will damage your hair in any case, I prefer to stay away from them).

This is my email for one of our customer where I describe how to cover grey with henna.

“Good evening

I’ve used henna for 18 years. I use it because I love the colour and it makes my hair healthy thick and shiny.

Half of my hair is grey now I know it because I can see roots when I’m too lazy to colour my hair 🙂

I have to say that henna is not easy way to colour but the result is great.

If you would like to cover grey hair with henna you have to apply it first time for one and half hours and repeat it in five to seven days for another one and a half hours. You can apply henna second time next day because henna doesn’t damage hair but your color will be darker. I prefer to wait around 5-7 days to have lighter color. After this you can use it once every two or three weeks it depends how fast your hair grows.

The very first time you apply henna you will be able to see grey hair but after second time colour of your hair will be steady.

I use henna regularly once every two or three weeks and only apply it to my roots.

There are a lot of henna on market and some of producer put chemicals to achieve different colours of henna. My henna doesn’t have any chemicals in it is so it’s 100% herbs and vegetables. Because of natural components result depends on the original colour, structure and condition of hair.

You have to try henna because it will do your hair better.
Henna requires some patience and it will give you shiny and thick hair.

Have a nice evening

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