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Hair care with chamomile

Chamomile rinse is to lighten your hair colour

Chamomile rinse is to lighten your hair colour

The main use of chamomile rinse is to lighten your hair colour.

You may notice that in 2-3 weeks after a chemical dyeing, your hair starts losing color, and gets duller. Using chamomile is a natural way of getting the brightness back into your hair without ruining it like most other products with large amounts of chemicals.

It also strengthens your hair, and prevents hair loss.

If you use dyes, and any other products that have chemicals in them, the chemicals may weaken your hair, which will lead to hair loss. But, because the chamomile rinse is natural, it doesn’t have that effect. It strengthens your hair because it has lots of calcium. The calcium nourishes your hair, letting it grow faster, and stronger.

There are two different ways to apply the chamomile.

Before applying the chamomile, wash your hair as you usually would. Then, get your chamomile rinse, and slowly let it through your hair. Have something to catch the liquid in, and pour it several times more through your hair. After that, wash the rinse out of your hair, and let dry naturally. If possible, dry your hair in the sun.

For the second way, you have to first apply the chamomile rinse, rubbing it into your hair from root to the tips. After making sure that your whole head is covered by the rinse, cover your hair with a shower cap for thirty minutes. After the time has passed, take the cap off, and use regular shampoo, and warm water to clean your hair of the chamomile. After that, let dry naturally.

In both ways, you can repeat the process until you reach the look you want because chamomile is natural and safe product.

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