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Use Centaurea Infusions to Help Hair

Сentaurea (Cornflower) for healthy hair

Сentaurea (Cornflower) for healthy hair

If your hair has become weak, lost the color it used to have, or you got dandruff, you can use Сentaurea (Cornflower) to help hair. It is a flower that can be used in many ways, such as to strengthen your vision, or heal cough.

Сentaurea (Cornflower) may also be used to return the color back to your hair, and strengthen it, reducing how much hair you have falling out. It will also reduce dandruff.

If you have a light or grey hair Сentaurea can gives your hair very transparent blue shade. You don’t need to use chemicals to refine your grey hair if you use Centaurea (Cornfower).

Only blue, purple, and  light blue flowers can be used though.

To use it, you can make an infusion of the flower. This infusion is used to reduce dandruff have less oily hair, and strengthen it.

To make it you must first get one table spoon of the petals of the Сentaurea flowers and put them into one cup of warm water. Let it stay for forty minutes, and then separate the liquid form the petals. You then rub the infusion into the roots of your hair.

You can also rinse the liquid after you’re done showering. To strengthen the effect, you may also wash your hair with dry mustard powder instead of using shampoo, but is not necessary.

There is also a second way to use a Centaurea infusion to help your hair.

This infusion helps boost your hair growth and gives your hair light blue shade. To make this, you have to first take a cup of boiling water, and a cup of vinegar, and mix them together. Then, you must add one tablespoon of Centaurea petals. Let it stay for thirty minutes, and then filter the petals, and liquid apart.

You must store it in a dark place and use once or twice a day until reaching the wanted results. Rub it into your hair from root to tip, and make sure you wash the mixture off before sleep.

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