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Category Archives: Hair care tips

How take care of hair in the winter

Unfortunately we have really cold days in Calgary and question about how take care of hair in the winter becomes very important. Winter is known to be harsh on your body. That goes for your hair as well. You need to pay extra attention to your hair in the winter to keep it good and… Read More »

Beer for hair

You can use beer for hair rinse or like a part of homemade hair masks.  Beer that was made from natural ingredients contains a lot of nutrients that your hair likes. Because beer made from yeast, hop and malt there is a lot of vitamins B, Cooper, Phosphorus, Magnesium and iron in it. Beer is… Read More »

Natural oils for hair treatment

Natural oils have been used for hair treatment for a longtime. We have huge choice of natural oils for hair treatment an they can be part of-shelf-products. Frankly speaking oils are just an option for that treatment. They are able to nourish hair within all their length and volume, your hair look   healthy and bright,… Read More »

Use Centaurea Infusions to Help Hair

If your hair has become weak, lost the color it used to have, or you got dandruff, you can use Сentaurea (Cornflower) to help hair. It is a flower that can be used in many ways, such as to strengthen your vision, or heal cough. If you have a light or grey hair Сentaurea can… Read More »

Homemade hair care products

Buying hair care products can be very pricey. The price can be explained by the use of exotic plants, but you don’t see them as it is all mixed and blended and put into a bottle. Actually you can create your own homemade hair care products. There is a way to get results as good… Read More »

Daily care of hair

Hair is a very important part of your appearance. If you are taking care of hair daily you obtain additional benefits. Hair reflects overall health of the body. Unlike the living part of your body it does not change drastically with a change in your diet, but is more affected by external actions. You can… Read More »