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Category Archives: How to cover grey hair

Cover grey hair with henna

I have a lot of questions about how to cover grey hair with henna. A lot of people damage hair when they try to cover grey with chemical dye. In this situation henna really can help because actually when we try to cover grey we try to make our hair darker and  steady and you… Read More »

Black Tea Colors Grey and Helps Hair

Black tea colors grey and helps hair  in many ways. Because black tea has caffeine in it, this helps stimulate hair growth, thicken your hair, and slow or stop hair fall. With that said, some of the black tea infusions will help you tone your hair, others will strengthen it, or stop your hair to… Read More »

Onion peels for hair care

To color your hair using natural products, you may use onion peels. Using onion peels is much cheaper than most hair products today, and is natural, which means, like most chemical hair products do, it doesn’t destroy your hair. It will also give more brightness, and stronger color to your hair.